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At Outhouse Solution, we produce beautiful screen printing each and every day.  We pride ourselves on offering friendly and expert advise, and it’s the combination of our dogged working practice and clear understanding of what our clients want to achieve that means the work we produce is of next level quality. Our belief is that great work speaks for itself, so with this in mind you may care to look at our Blog to see what’s new on the studio print floor.


This is the most common form of screen printing tee shirts. This method uses the stock color of the ink without alterations by printing it through the stencil in wide open areas of the screen mesh. This will produce a very vibrant solid “spot” of color. It also tends to produce thicker layers of ink depending on the ink and the mesh count used.


Check out our work As a much needed replacement for traditional 4 color process on custom T-shirts, simulated process breaks down color using the Pantone Coated color palette rather than with the traditional transparent CMYK colors. Why do we do this? T-shirts are often ordered in other colors than just plain white.


This is often refer red to in the printing world as “4-color process”, this style of printing can render nearly limitless color by blending and combining key primary colors (CMYK) which then can produce countless secondary and tertiary colors. A highly effective printing method when done on a pure white background (think paper).


Glitter and shimmer printing sparkle and reflect light very well so it makes your clothing look bright and shiny. Available in Gold, Silver, Bronze, Royal, Green, Pink, Red and Purple.

If you want premium quality screen printing services at an affordable price, then you want your job done by the experienced pros at Outhouse Solutions Inc.