Dye-sublimation is a complex yet simple process that’s performed by utilizing high-end technology that prints ink onto fabric. The equipment used for this process uses sublimation ink, which is converted from a solid to a gas without going through the liquid form. This allows the application of an image onto fabric using heat and pressure and guarantees a bright and vibrant graphic to be shown off. While this may seem like the only advantage, there are actually quite a few benefits to dye sublimation. Continue reading below to see what they are so that you can start receiving the dye sublimated apparel you need.


High-Quality Finish

Dye sublimation is often chosen over many other alternatives to printing because the finished product is much more visually appealing. This is because, during the process, the ink is embedded into the fibers. When this happens, the design looks and feels as if it’s part of the garment and not just printed on it. Also, you have the option to have this process done with full, bright, or even multiple colors.

Continuous Tone Print

You can have brighter and smoother color variations applied to your apparel or fabric of choice. This is because dye sublimation allows continuous tone printing application. So far, dye sublimation is the only process known to do this and is often chosen over other printing methods such as inkjet and screen printing. Overall, a dye sublimated fabric possesses a much more superior look compared to others created with other methods.


Because the dye/ink penetrates deep into the fabric, it is permanent and cannot be flaked off. Other printing methods, although they can yield good results, only apply a layer of ink that sits on top of the fabric. And in due time, they’ll eventually crack and break away from the apparel due to near-daily wear and tear. Dye-sublimation, however, lets the dye/ink essentially become the fabric itself so you can expect high-durability from your newly printed product that won’t easily fade away.